George Faddoul

George Faddoul - Expert NLP Trainer.

About George Faddoul

George FaddoulGeorge Faddoul is widely regarded as the leading NLP trainer who has trained thousands of people nationwide & internationally, and is a dynamic presenter on a wide range of topics ranging from personal development to powerful sales training. George is a business and marketing expert having started 7 multi million dollar businesses from scratch. George speaks from the heart and is truly engaging & fun.

George started his business career working in the Banking Industry, for over eight years, where he began to develop his finance and customer service skills.

This time was punctuated by an eighteen-month break to do his National Service for Australia. Upon leaving the Bank George entered the Automotive Industry and quickly became the top salesperson in a Group of twelve Car Dealerships.

Five and a half years later he started his own used car outlet and operated it very successfully for approximately 9 years. George decided to have a break from cars, he went on to spend two years developing real estate and dealing in Australian Art, as well as twelve months together with his darling wife Nitsa and his four lovely daughters on the French Riviera. Refreshed, George came back to the Motor Industry, developing two separate New Car Dealerships and running them successfully for about eight years acquiring a reputation for being a marketing and advertising whiz.

During that time, as a result of his pursuit of practical knowledge and his insatiable appetite for personal growth & development, George came across NLP, he then became a Practitioner and Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis, as well as a Certified Trainer of NLP.

George took his new found skills to his New Car Dealerships, taking them to a whole new level. During that time, he also took time off work to assist at various Trainings both here in Australia and in the US.

George then sold his Car Dealerships, and decided to become a full time Trainer using his time to educate and empower people.

That was about nine six years ago, and George has since conducted Seminars locally in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Also internationally in the Middle East and the United States. During that time, he also became a Certified Trainer of Hypnosis & a Master Trainer of Time Line Therapy. He has certified more people in NLP than most of the other NLP trainers in Australia combined

George loves to travel, and enjoys the company of motivated people.He is the author of the best seller “How To Get a Bigger Bite Out Of Life” and featured in ‘The Secrets of Great Coaches Exposed’ with two new exciting NLP and esoteric books being released very soon.

George is a most engaging and honest NLP Trainer who actually walks the walk – not just talks the talk – and you can see him right here in Australia.